What is Clean Beauty?

Everything You Need To Know About Clean Beauty

At Beauty Edit Mayfair, clean beauty isn’t just a trend, or a passing fad. No, clean beauty is a way of life that encompasses our decisions in what beauty and wellness products we buy and use on our skin, hair and body. It creates a new and different way of thinking, and opens up a new world of conversations and discussions about what we’re really putting on our skin.

Our skin is our largest organ, and arguably the most precious. It’s what you see everyday, and its unique colour, undertones and imperfections are all completely unique to you. How beautiful is that? 

Yet, it’s so easy to take our skin for granted. But we want to change that. 

Just like how we check our food packaging and labelling for chemicals, preservatives and allergens, we want to start a movement about checking your beauty products for ingredients. Knowledge is power, and we believe that knowing what you’re actually applying to your skin and hair will allow you to make better, more empowered choices and decisions.

So we invite you to join us on this conscious beauty journey, where only clean, high-quality and natural beauty reign supreme, and where we care for our skin as much as we care for the planet we call home.


What is clean beauty, and what does it mean to us?

Clean beauty can be hard to define, but it’s typically used to describe beauty products that are made without the use of synthetic chemicals. For us though, it’s much more than that. 

We want to explain what the clean beauty term means to us in particular, in order to give you the clearest picture possible. 

We hope that you’ll resonate with, if not all, some of our values, and recognise that sustainable, natural beauty products doesn't mean a lack of quality – in fact, it means that they can be of a much higher quality than standard beauty products. 

  • First things first, transparency about ingredients is of high importance to us. We believe that all ingredients should be carefully curated, listed clearly and be of high quality, providing the results that you deserve to see, feel and experience.
  • Clean beauty is safe. We only stock brands that we trust to use clean, safe formulas, so you can feel confident and happy in using them.
  • We’ve only got one planet, so we want to do our best to look after it. Sustainability truly matters to us, so we only use eco-friendly packaging and minimise waste wherever possible.
  • Animal testing must come to an end. We never test our products on animals and ensure to only partner with cruelty-free brands.
  • We’re passionate about inclusivity, and creating and stocking clean products that cater to everyone’s skin tone and hair type and colour. Beauty is for everyone, and we welcome one and all in our boutique.
  • We constantly strive to improve, so we stay updated on the newest research, trends and innovations, so you can trust that we only bring you clean products of the highest quality.

We want our world to be cleaner, healthier and more sustainable, and these are just a few of the steps we’re taking in order to do our part, and to redefine beauty standards along the way.


What are the benefits of clean beauty?

If you haven’t made the switch to a clean beauty regimen yet, allow us to reveal the top benefits that you’re missing out on…

Our clean beauty products that we create and stock are formulated with ingredients that are not harmful to your skin, your health and well-being, or the planet. 

You can make more informed choices about the products you use, as we are transparent about the ingredients we include, which are all clean, safe and of high quality.

By supporting us, you help to support a more sustainable and ethical beauty industry, as we ensure to conduct sustainable and responsible beauty practices. 

We’re already exposed to free radicals such as pollution, cigarette smoke and dust as we go about our day to day living, so using clean beauty products is something in your control that will help to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals.


What toxic ingredients are clean beauty products free from?

We’re firm believers that toxic ingredients don’t belong in our bodies, and so we never use them in our products. What’s more is that we always prioritise the use of organic certified or natural ingredients.

Let us be clear that we’re not here to scaremonger. We’re here to inform, to inspire, to enrich, and to help you make the best choices for your skincare and haircare needs.

With that being said, we’re pleased that the following ingredients will never be included in our formulas, or in those that we stock.


Used as preservatives, parabens are highly common in beauty products as they help to prevent mould and harmful bacteria from growing, but they are endocrine disruptors that mimic oestrogen, which can impact your health. They’re easy to spot in beauty products as they contain ‘paraben’ in the ingredient name; for example, ethylparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben.


Common sulphates include sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) which are often found in cleansing products such as shampoos, soaps and laundry detergents. They strip the skin and hair of their moisture and natural oils, leaving them tight, dry and itchy. 

Synthetic fragrances

Often made from a mixture of synthetic chemicals and can cause irritation to the skin, alongside sensitivity and allergic reactions. 

Mineral oil

Often used in skincare products and in moisturisers in particular, mineral oil is a byproduct of petroleum and is highly occlusive, meaning it can block pores and exacerbate oily or acne prone skin.


Found in cigarettes, some building materials and some industrial cleaning products, formaldehyde is a preservative that can be used in nail polish, nail polish removers and hair treatments, and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.


A chemical found in some sunscreens, it can cause redness, itchiness and hormone disruption when it’s absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. And if you have sensitive skin already, it can make it worse.

Where do I start?

Changing all of your existing beauty products to clean beauty might feel overwhelming to start with, so we recommend starting with the products you use everyday, such as sunscreen, shower gel and deodorant.

As you make these changes, start looking for other products to incorporate into your clean beauty arsenal. Clean shampoo and conditioner (remember to avoid sulphates such as sodium lauryl sulphate), skincare products and cosmetics can all follow suit. 

And if you’ve ever got any questions, why not pop in to see us at Beauty Edit Mayfair? 


Join us on our clean beauty journey

We hope now that you can see why it was incredibly important to our founder Sherrille to partner with brands that had clean formulas, and that shared her passion for taking care of the beautiful world that we live in.

A one of a kind, unique haven, Beauty Edit Mayfair is stocked full of ethical, natural, sustainable brands, including Monpure, Charlotte Mensah, Legology, Darling and more. 

And that’s just the beginning – we’ll be bringing more and more ethical brands onboard to become part of the Beauty Edit family. 

What are you waiting for? What you put on your skin matters, and we can’t wait to show you the difference clean beauty will make, not only for your skin and hair, but for your overall health and well-being. 

A new era of self-care is here.

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