Eyebrow Kits

This brow kit comprises of industry standard eyebrow pencils, highlighters, sharpeners, brushes, serum and setting gels which helps you recreate your brow look at home and consolidate in-salon treatments.

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Eyebrow Pencils

These brow pencils are made from sustainable materials, revolutionised brow colours to produce natural looking, pure shades which are void of inconsistent undertones.

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“Too many pencils are overly shiny, but this mimics rich, healthy brows without leaving a waxy finish, and lasts up to 12 hours.”

Celia Walden

The Telegraph Magazine

“The perfect place between annoyingly hard and confusingly waxy, this soft eyebrow pencil means bulking up your brows in a few strokes has never been easier.”


“A collection that NEEDS to be tried by all! As an avid Beauty Edit Mayfair user for years, I now confidently recommend the very best in brow products to my clientele. This is a brow collection like no other and best of all, promotes brow health.”

Lauren Quirke

Salon Owner & Brow Artist, Company Name

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