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The Gift of Sleep

The Gift of Sleep

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The ideal sleep set for unwinding at day's end and setting the stage for a more rejuvenating night's sleep. Before retiring to bed, opt for the Night Drops to soothe and balance the mind.

Crafted with a high concentration of broad-spectrum CBD and a Super Terpene Blend, these 100% natural drops are tailored to ease the mind and alleviate anxiety.

Recognising the importance of quality sleep for stress relief and recovery, supplement with the essential at-home muscle rub, Bed Balm.

This CBD recovery salve delivers soothing relief from sore muscles and joints, ensuring areas of tension gently dissipate.

30ml (drops) / 60ml (salve)
2400mg / 1200mg
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How To Use

Night Drops

Ensure to shake well. Around 30 minutes before bedtime, place 6-8 drops beneath your tongue, holding them there for 60 seconds prior to swallowing. Tailor the dosage to suit your needs, taking care not to exceed a maximum of 17 drops in a day.

Bed Balm

Apply a modest amount to the areas you wish to target. This balm is perfectly suited for reflexology and pressure point massage techniques.


Plant extracts brought together to work in harmony with each other and with your body. Our Super Terpene Blend works in synergy with our broad-spectrum oil, which contains a wide range of natural occurring terpenes, including myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. When blended in our Dreem formulation these terpenes work in harmony with our broad-spectrum oil, to produce a finished luxurious product with incredible anxiety-reducing traits, leading you to a restful mind and encouraging a deeper night’s sleep.

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