Beauty Edit Mayfair

Our Story

Sherrille Riley is a renowned beauty expert with an exceptional career spanning over two decades in the professional beauty industry. With her commitment to excellence and passion for empowering others, Sherrille has solidified her position as a leading authority in beauty.

Sherrille began her stellar career in beauty twenty years ago. She had emigrated to the UK from Jamaica with her family as a child, settling in the north of England, but attracted by the big city dream, she took the plunge and left Yorkshire behind, making the move to London at the age of 19 to pursue her ambition of training as a beautician.

Sherrille is from a background of female entrepreneurs, and watched her mother, grandmother and great aunt find their own successful businesses. Inspired by what she had seen them achieve, she decided to set up on her own. After noticing that regular clients tended to request eyebrow and nail treatments every three weeks, she decided to create a luxurious destination combining top level service and expertise in these two areas: and with that, Nails & Brows Mayfair was born in 2014, becoming a great success.

"Define what’s naturally yours"

Sherille Riley

Founder, Beauty Edit Mayfair

Beauty Edit Mayfair in June 2017, a product line based on the essential tools she uses within her salon. The inclusive collection of premium brow stylist solutions has been expertly curated by Sherrille with the aim of helping clients maintain and create their natural, healthy looking and effortlessly defined brows at home. To the delight of Sherrille, the collection launched to rave reviews among salon clients and new customers alike.

Frustrated at not being able to find colours which were exacting enough, Riley has created abespoke range of pure, highly pigmented brow colours, a collection which has revolutionised brow colours by producing natural looking pure shades which are void of inconsistent undertones.

“I had often found that brunette shades had undertones of orange while blonde shades proved to be too ashy, “explains Riley. “It made me realise that what was currently on offer was not nearly comprehensive enough.”

Working with formulationists in Germany, Riley was able to create natural products with the right consistency and texture producing results which ensure brows look groomed yet effortless.

The collection comprises ten products, and the highlighters and brow pencils come in three shades: Riley has edited this to a blonde, a brunette, and a very dark chocolate brown which is suitable for Middle Eastern, Indian, and Black clients.

In adherence with the Nails & Brows’ values, every effort has been made to ensure that Beauty Edit Mayfair’s luxury packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable. Growing up in Jamaica, Riley witnessed first-hand the devastating impact of mindless consumerism.

“From the beginning, I wanted to create products that were as natural as possible. It’s often thought that natural isn’t as effective or perhaps pigmented enough, but I wanted to prove that you could be natural, effective and still be mindful of the world we live in.”

The Beauty Edit Mayfair Boutique was launched in 2023 by leading beauty pioneer Sherrille Riley, as the ultimate shopping destination for clean beauty enthusiasts in the heart of London.

Offering an extensive range of clean, high-quality cosmetics, skincare, haircare and fragrance products from renowned international and niche brands including Charlotte Mensah, Darling Sun and Kure Bazaar, beauty enthusiasts are guaranteed an unparalleled shopping experience. With personalised consultations and expert recommendations, gifted by the team of highly trained advisors. 

As part of its’ commitment to sustainable and conscious beauty practices, the Beauty Edit Mayfair prioritises sustainable, clean brands, encouraging customers to reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, the store hosts occasional beauty workshops and events, featuring guest speakers and industry experts, creating an immersive and educational experience. 

Following the stores launch, Sherrille commented: “Growing up in Jamaica, I witnessed the devastating effects of mindless consumerism which has inspired my on-going commitment to creating a shopping experience, demonstrating that one can be both effective and environmentally mindful in today’s world. I have curated Beauty Edit Mayfair to be a luxurious sanctuary for beauty enthusiasts to not only explore the latest trends, but also discover an array of cosmetics, essential body care products, and innovative sun care solutions that will leave them feeling inspired.”