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Bed Balm CBD

Bed Balm CBD

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Introducing Dreem Distillery's CBD Bed Balm

Say goodnight to tension and stress with Dreem Distillery's CBD Bed Balm. This potent muscle-relaxing salve is meticulously crafted with arnica extract and lavender, featuring the added benefits of broad-spectrum CBD to alleviate tension.

Infused with rosehip seed oil, argan oil, and vitamin E, this balm not only soothes muscles but also replenishes the skin, combating free radical damage.

A perfect remedy for post-workout muscle soreness, this antioxidant-rich salve offers a safe and comforting solution for pain relief. Its non-greasy, easily absorbed formula allows you to massage the Bed Balm into localized areas, melting away stress for a peaceful night's sleep.

CBD Bed Balm supports tense muscles, alleviates discomfort, and encourages more restful sleep.

60ml tube
1200mg CBD
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How To Use

Apply a small quantity to specific areas as needed. Perfect for reflexology and pressure point massages.


15 Active Botanicals

Plant extracts brought together to work in harmony with each other and with your body. All our bath and body products are infused with our proprietary Dreem Complex for elevated evening relaxation. This is made up of broad-spectrum CBD, arnica, juniper, and lavender. This reflects our commitment to the finest quality ingredient sourcing and time-honoured formulation methods. Included are 15 nutrient-rich botanicals sourced from conscious growers around the globe, many of whom have grown the same beautifully cultivated plants for generations. But it is not enough to assemble the finest ingredients, you must honour them throughout your process. We spend three weeks meticulously infusing these high-performance plants into our already powerful foundation oils, ensuring their full range of nutrition is captured. Botanical and essential oils of the highest-grade further amplify the performance of Bed Balm.

+ Hemp
+ Sunflower
+ Rapeseed
+ Rice Bran
+ Apricot
+ Argan
+ Rosehip
+ Arnica
+ Juniper
+ Copaiba
+ Lavender
+ Black Pepper
+ Ylang Ylang
+ Basil
+ Blue Spirulina

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